Various activities are organized in our college under the guidance of competent teachers and also with the co-operation and leadership of the College Association. Along with curricular activities various extracurricular activities were also organized in our college. Annual day celebration is a very grand celebration. Arts and sports are also conducted in our college.

A three day/ four day community living camp is a compulsory curricular requirement for the B.Ed students. Field trips / tours is a compulsory curricular requirement. The college conducts various field trips and tours suiting educational requirements of various categories of students.

The college organizes and celebrates various occasions of social relevance. They include independence day. Republic day, Teachers day, World literacy day, World human right day, World environment day, Gandijayanthi, Onam, Eid, Christmas, New year etc. All the programs were organized by students under the guidance of teachers. This increases the leadership abilities of students.

Every student should take part in the college games either as participants or as sports meet official unless physically unfit and specially exempted by the principal. A sports committee shall be formed in order to advise and assist the working of the physical education department. It is compulsory curricular requirement for B.Ed programme in which the students have to prepare at least three socially useful items and participate in community related programmes.

All these activities are organized by our college effectively under the guidance of competent teachers. Our college aims at overall development of students.

Student Testimonials

As a student teacher HKM provided me an amazing experience, great discussions and innovations classroom atmosphere and new hands-on lessons to apply in classrooms. Thanks HKM for shaping me as a wonderful teacher.

My favourite part of this 2 year training course was the teaching practice. The support and guidance provided by the teacher and college management during this period was beyond words the curriculum. I could apply my own innovative ways in classroom teaching learning process. Thanks to HKM.

The training provided me great ideas as well as are sources to use in my classroom. It was really an unforgettable experience to be a part of HKM campus. Thanks to the excellent faculty of HKM B.Ed college for creating such a wonderful learning atmosphere.

The words 'Thank You' doesn’t adequately express my gratitude for the experience. I had in HKM B.Ed college. The 2 years training made me more confident and equipped as a teacher and made my dreams in to reality. Thanks to HKM.