Our Vision

  • To build a generation of excellent teachers fired with a spirit of service and higher values
  • To equip prospective teachers with knowledge, skills, attitude, competence and commitment to face the challenges of 21 st century.
  • To mould and motivate the prospective teachers towards excellence.
  • To equip prospective teachers to transact the content and teaching even to a student residing in the remotest corner of the world with widely varying interests and abilities.
  • To prepare caring, competent teachers for promoting equitable, inclusive and transformative education practices.
  • To deepen and extend the knowledge about the formation and utilization of human capabilities.
  • To strengthen the ability of the prospective teachers in communicating their views efficiently.
  • To produce quality teachers in different fields of education with a global view by enhancing values, ethics and professional practices.

Our Mission

  • To develop a proper value system based on the cultural, social, political and moral bases of our society.
  • To equip the prospective teachers capable to meet the challenges of education in a knowledge society.
  •  To empower prospective teachers through the development of integrated personality, leadership qualities and professionalism.
  • To make use of the pedagogical knowledge for effective verbal, nonverbal and media based information and communication technologies in all facets of learning to foster active inquiry, collaboration, and supportive interaction in the classroom.
  • To imbibe knowledge and develop understanding of the various psychological, sociological, philosophical, environmental and technological principles and practices in respect of learners of different stages and develop the ability to facilitate effective learning.
  • To identify and resolve the major social, intellectual and environmental issues / challenges faced by our pluralistic society and make use of the knowledge in nurturing /equipping the classroom learner to face those challenges
  •  To generate adequate professional capacity for performing multiple roles entrusted on prospective teachers by enabling him/her to compete in the national and international scenario
  • To acquire and practice various teacher competencies through qualitative multi-level strategies and practices and the development of professionalism among them.

Student Testimonials

As a student teacher HKM provided me an amazing experience, great discussions and innovations classroom atmosphere and new hands-on lessons to apply in classrooms. Thanks HKM for shaping me as a wonderful teacher.

My favourite part of this 2 year training course was the teaching practice. The support and guidance provided by the teacher and college management during this period was beyond words the curriculum. I could apply my own innovative ways in classroom teaching learning process. Thanks to HKM.

The training provided me great ideas as well as are sources to use in my classroom. It was really an unforgettable experience to be a part of HKM campus. Thanks to the excellent faculty of HKM B.Ed college for creating such a wonderful learning atmosphere.

The words 'Thank You' doesn’t adequately express my gratitude for the experience. I had in HKM B.Ed college. The 2 years training made me more confident and equipped as a teacher and made my dreams in to reality. Thanks to HKM.